Peer Mentoring Program

Connect with our lived experience community by a shared characteristic, such as interests, skills and goals, to work towards a leading a life of your choosing and to have some fun! Whatever your interests, we’ll help you find a way to participate.

Current Match Up Opportunities

  • Cooking
  • Eating out; including country bakeries, cat cafes
  • Geocaching
  • Going to the movies, comedy show, theatre
  • Major events, concerts & festivals
  • Op shopping
  • Playing pool
  • Pokemon Go
  • Quiz nights
  • Reading
  • Sightseeing
  • Visiting the zoo
  • Walking; bushwalking, on the beach,  with dogs
  • Watching live sport
  • Watching tv

More Ideas

Check the venues & events where the SA Companion Card is accepted
Check the major events in South Australia calendar

Each Match Up will run for approximately 2 hours. This is only a guide and depends on the activity and your needs.

What to expect from the program:

  1. ONE ON ONE. We’ll reach out to discuss your goals, interests and needs.
  2. MATCH. We’ll look  to match you with a person that shares your interests.
  3. MEET YOUR MATCH. We’ll set up a meet & greet at a convenient time & place, this maybe online & we will set some boundaries & expectations.
  4. PREMATCH SUPPORT. We’ll support you to plan your first Match Up.
  5. MATCH UP. You’ll go on your first Match Up.
  6. POST MATCH. We’ll ask you how you thought it went & we can help make any changes if needed.
  7. REPLAY. You’ll plan your next Match Up and go from there.
  8. MATCH REVIEW. Every three months, we’ll ask you how you liked the program or if you have any suggestions to make it better.
If any of these activities interest you and you would like to be matched with a Peer Mentor to participate in this program, please contact Clair from Wednesday to Friday on 0477 339 948 or at 
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