Evaluation Report 2022

Becoming Strong & Capable

Plain Becoming Strong & Capable (Black and White Version)

A Guide: How To Become A Strong & Capable Cooperative

How To Guide Downloads 

Provider Cluster Event Brief

Provider Cluster Presentation

S&C Board Training

S&C Coop Rules Easy Explanation

S&C Coop Rules

S&C decision making framework

S&C FG Terms Of Reference (easy read)

S&C FG Terms Of Reference

S&C First FG Meet Slide Deck

S&C Original Business Model

S&C Rules (Easy-Read)

S&C Sample Business Plan

S&C Summary Slide Deck (After Workshop 6)

S&C Workshop 1

S&C Workshop 2

S&C Workshop 3 and 4

S&C Workshop 5 and 6

S&C Workshop 7

S&C Workshop 8

S&C Workshop 9

S&C Board Preso Workshop 1 & 2

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