It’s our NDIS. Let’s take control. Stand united. Make our voices heard. Demand more. Influence change. Live a life of our choosing.

Together, we have the power. Together, we are Strong & Capable.

Strong & Capable


Our purpose is clear – to bring about change in the marketplace to enable people with a disability to achieve better outcomes and live a better life.

When the NDIS was introduced, it promised change. But for many, it has under-delivered. We’re here to make it right and take back the NDIS for those it was designed for.

Our lived experience puts us in a unique position to help. It provides us with the knowledge and understanding to support and empower people to demand more, and through our collective strength, influence change.


We’ve felt the anger, frustration and fear. And we’ve channelled our experiences to help others to take control of their NDIS.

If you’re ready to stand-up. If you’re ready to take charge. Join us. As a member, you’ll play a part in something transformative.

Together, we stand united to demand better. Together, we have a louder voice to be heard. Together, we have the power to influence change.

Together, we are Strong & Capable.


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Benefits of becoming a member


Strong & Capable was started by people living with a disability, for people living with a disability. Every one of our members has their own story to tell. This gives us a unique perspective to fight for change.

Our goal is to enable people with a disability to achieve more from the NDIS through outcomes such as increased plan utilisation, in order to live a better life.

We do this by sharing knowledge and providing advice, influencing the way NDIS services are delivered and recognising providers who do the right thing.

Support coordination

Support Coordination can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan by connecting you with informal, community and funded supports.

Our team of Support Coordinators have extensive experience navigating the NDIS, and can help you make the right decisions about the funding and supports outlined in your plan.

Support Coordination can be funded as part of your NDIS plan, so talk to us about how we can assist you to secure this funding.

Advice on plan management

Plan Management refers to the management of funding you receive in your NDIS Plan.

Unlike Support Coordination which helps you to connect with the right support providers, Plan Management only addresses the financial management of your NDIS plan.

There are a number of ways your funding can be managed – Agency (or NDIA) Managed, using an independent Plan Manager or self-management. Each of them has their benefits and restrictions.

We can provide you with advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions about choosing the right NDIS Plan Management for your situation.

Knowledge sharing and mentorship

As an organisation owned and run by people with disability, we’ve walked in your shoes and see the NDIS the way that you do. We understand the challenges and the barriers.

It is the reason Strong & Capable was formed – to provide guidance and support to all people with disabilities.

That’s why we have a strong focus on knowledge sharing and mentorship. We believe that everyone deserves to get the most out of their NDIS plan, and through sharing knowledge, we can learn from each other’s experiences.

Advocacy and a united voice

As individuals, each of us can only work to improve our own situation. But together, we have the power to influence change so everyone benefits.

At Strong & Capable, we will use our collective strength to make our voices heard and drive better service from NDIS providers.

But we can only do this with your help. Your experiences, together with your support, will give us the combined power to make change.

Building genuine connections with providers

One of the foundations of a positive NDIS experience is developing relationships with authentic and trustworthy service providers.

At Strong & Capable, we’re continually building strong and genuine connections with providers, making it easier for our members to navigate the NDIS landscape and find the reliable support they need.

To take back your NDIS and fight for better, become a member and join us today.


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