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Community Partners

Thank you to our wonderful partners for supporting us to create opportunities for people living with disability. 


The Julia Farr MS McLeod Benevolent Fund provides grant funding for projects that offer benefits to people living with disability. The fund was originally established by a bequest from the estate of the late Murdoch Stanley McLeod, a prominent South Australian businessman, to help future generations of South Australians.

Find more information about The Julia Farr MS Benevolent Fund. 

We’re grateful to have received a Julia Farr MS Benevolent Fund grant to develop the Peer Mentoring Program.

Beyond Bank logo

Beyond Bank is one of the largest, 100% customer-owned mutual banks in the country with credit union heritage. We were formed more than 60 years ago by people who felt left behind by a banking system that didn’t meet their needs or expectations.

Our customers are our shareholders, so there are no competing interests. All profits are returned to our customers through better rates, fairer fees, responsible lending, superior customer service and our multi-award winning internet banking and mobile app.

Find more information about Beyond Bank

We’re grateful to have received funding and support from Beyond Bank Foundation program.

Carers SA Logo

Carers SA offer a wide range of personalised services, packages and information to support Carers from all backgrounds and cultures at no cost to you.  Carers SA are there for you.

Find more information about Carers SA.

Carer’s SA provide ongoing business support to enable Strong & Capable to run effectively.   

City of Charles Sturt Council logo

The City of Charles Sturt means the world. Stretching from the city to the sea, our community is diverse, vibrant and inclusive.

Find more information about City of Charles Sturt.

The City of Charles Sturt provided a Business Support grant to enable us to refresh our website.

Viva mutual logo

VIVA Mutual is a collectively organised not for profit NDIS provider that delivers local, personalised health and wellbeing support services.

Find more information about Viva Mutual.


The RED Group makes enterprise accessible to all. Our vision is to inspire and support people with lived experience of disability, their families, friends and partner organisations to engage in the world of enterprise. Find out more about the RED Group. 

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inclusive communities

We collaborate with organisations who share our vision to create more inclusive world.

Here are a few ways we could work together;

  1. Inclusive Customer Service Training – we can support your workforce to deliver inclusive customer service by upskilling as a volunteer Mentor through our  Peer Mentoring Program
  2. Accessible Venues – we can support you to understand and improve on the accessibility of your venue. We are always on the look out for meeting places that brings our community together for social catch ups & workshops
  3. In-Kind – creating opportunities for people with a disability to enjoy your good & services
  4. Rewards – help us recognise the contributions of our community of volunteers through In-Kind or discounted offers
  5. Brand Awareness – help us reach the people that need our services through promotional activities & events
  6. Something else? 
Reach out to discuss how together we can support people with a disability lead a full life.

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