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Your Experience Matters

Become a peer mentor and help guide others navigating similar paths. This is your invitation to step forward and enrich both your life and another’s by becoming a peer mentor.

At Strong & Capable, we know that everyone has a story that holds wisdom & strength. Your journey is not just your own—it can help guide others navigating similar paths. This is your invitation to step forward and enrich both your life and another’s by becoming a peer mentor.

Your life experiences are invaluable. You possess a unique perspective that can provide confidence and insight to others. By sharing your journey, you can help someone see the possibilities of their own life in a new light.

Whether you’re an avid reader, a gardening enthusiast, a tech whiz, or have any other interest, your passions can be the very thing that sparks joy and inspiration in someone’s life. Strong & Capable’s peer mentoring is as much about sharing hobbies and interests as it is about support and guidance.


If you are shy or unsure about your ability to mentor, we understand. We see the potential in you, even if you haven’t fully recognized it yet. Our program is designed to ease you into the role, with training, resources, and constant support. We are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared in your new role as a mentor.

Strong & Capable’s peer mentoring program is structured to provide you with all the tools and support necessary to make mentoring a rewarding experience. We offer training sessions to help understand boundaries, and utilise strategies to encourage participation. You won’t be starting this journey alone; we will be with you at every turn.

A Rewarding Experience

Mentoring isn’t just about giving; it’s a two way street. As a mentor, we’re sure you’ll find the experience rewarding. Witnessing the growth and happiness of your mentee as they discover new strengths and joys in life can be fulfilling. This is an opportunity to make a significant impact while also growing and learning yourself.

To become a peer mentor, all it takes is the willingness to share your time and experiences. We’ll help you identify the strengths and insights you can offer and match you with a participant who can benefit from your companionship and shared interests.

As a mentor with Strong & Capable, you will receive our full support. From the moment you express interest, through training, to your first match and beyond, we are committed to ensuring you feel valued and respected. We understand the importance of what you bring to the table and we celebrate it.

The Matchmaking Process

We take great care in our matchmaking process to ensure that both mentor and participant are set up for success. We consider personalities, interests, and life experiences to create matching that can lead to a meaningful and lasting connection.

Your safety and comfort are paramount. Our program is built on a foundation of respect and understanding. We have measures in place to ensure that your mentoring experience is safe, positive, and respectful at all times.

Join Us

If you’re considering becoming a peer mentor, we encourage you to reach out. Your experience truly matters, and your contribution can change lives. Join us at Strong & Capable and be part of a community that believes in the power of shared experiences and the strength of support.

Becoming a peer mentor is about embracing the value of your unique journey and sharing it to support another’s life. It’s about connection, growth, and the outcomes from teaching and learning that occurs when two lives come together. Your experience has shaped you into who you are, and it holds the power to inspire and uplift others.

Trust in your worth, step into the role of a mentor, and watch as a world of difference unfolds from your shared stories and experiences.

Together we are Strong & Capable.

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