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This blog is written by Kym Mercer.

Kym works as a NDIS Support Coordinator.

A Support Coordinator is someone who knows a lot about the NDIS and they have skills to help people to have the best NDIS plan.

Kym is also a Board Member of the Strong & Capable Cooperative.

A Board is the group of people who lead an organisation.

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When the NDIS started about 10 years ago, people were feeling happy because it meant people with disability would have more choice about the things they needed.

It also meant that people with disability could have better lives.

A lot of great things have happened since the NDIS started.

Also, some bad things have happened which have made it hard for people with disability.

The NDIS was reviewed to see how well it was doing and lots of people with disability gave their feedback.

Many people with disability said that the NDIS was hard to access and understand.

People with disability also said that things did not happen quickly enough.

You can read more about this review here: National disability insurance scheme confusing and causing some to miss out on support, review finds | National disability insurance scheme | The Guardian.

The NDIA have said that only 70 percent of people with disability on NDIS plans are spending all the money in their plan.

You can read more about this here: Annual Report | NDIS

Kym believes the reason why people do not spend all the money in their plan is because it is very hard to understand what the NDIS will let people buy with the money they have been given.



The NDIS uses the words ‘reasonable and necessary’ when making an NDIS plan.

Reasonable and necessary means what types and level of support you need.

Kym knows that many people find these words confusing.

When someone in the NDIS attends a planning meeting, it is worked out what is reasonable and necessary.

People with disability need to provide evidence to show what supports they need.

Some things the NDIA Planner may think about when creating a plan include:

The NDIS plan will list the supports that the person with disability can get but there is no information on how the money can be spent.

This makes it hard for the person on the NDIS plan to know if they can buy something, like services or equipment, with their NDIS plan money.

Many people on NDIS plans feel worried that they might have to pay back money if they buy the wrong thing.



Many people on NDIS plans feel stressed about how to manage their plan and spend their money.

Getting help can make things better.

Many people ask family and friends to help them with their plan.

This is fine but sometimes they do not know enough about the NDIS to help make changes.

A Support Coordinator can help.

Support Coordinators can help people on an NDIS plan to spend their money on the correct services, equipment and support.

Support Coordinators can help with:



The NDIS can pay for Support Coordinators if it is in the NDIS plan.

People need to show how Support Coordination will help them to achieve their goals and to become more independent.

Independent means doing things by yourself with a little bit or no help.

A Support Coordinator may be needed for a short time or a long time.

Having a Support Coordinator will mean people can have the best possible NDIS plan.

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